COVID19 And The Need For More Social Impact Projects

You are one sickness away from a gofundme“. This statement was made by a Nigerian radio commentator on a world cancer day program, Feburary 4, 2020. He (the commentator) was saying that gofundme, an example of a crowdfunding website used by people in need to raise donations has become one way people get resources for expensive health projects like cancer treatment.

Cancer may be a growing health problem across the world. In fact, only wealthy/well managed countries can invest in costly health facilities for treating the cancer like Chemotherapy equipment and drugs.

What of COVID19 that had the whole world in emergency mode?

Which kind of social impact projects could saved the lives of the nearly half a million people who have died from the widespread virus infection?(Reported figures as @ May 30, 2020>

The planned benefits of social impact projects that include public health issues like COVID19 really do go beyond smart financial returns. Investing in social impact projects should become a priority for many organizations, communities, financiers and countries. There is a big challenge for sectors most hit badly by COVID19 to include social impact projects in their Project Governance Management i.e policies and processes on projects.

Once again, these are some of the top sectors affected by COVID19:

#COVID19: Risk Map By Sector

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