Walking The Time Rope On Your Projects : RUSSIA 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP PM TIPS(2)

Efficient use of time can be the most Critical Success Factor on a project as the late goals drama on Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Groups A&B matches played on Friday 15th June, 2018 display.


All decisive goals were scored within the last two of the 90 minute timeline a regular football match (project) is played.

Uruguay vs Egypt- 89 minutes #EGYURU

Iran vs Morroco  – 90 minutes   #MARIRN

Portugal vs Spain- 88 minutes  #PORESP

What’s the lesson for a PM Manager or Project participant. It is the conventional wisdom that “any day lost in the life of a project cycle cannot be regained.”

Increasing your efficiency with the use of time can be gained with the use of appropriate tools.

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