TAKE BACK AFRICA SUMMIT: Plotting The Next “BIG” Social Impact Investment to Africa

Take Back Africa Summit– A network of young African Millennials in Diaspora.
Expect a significant flow of knowledge, skills and financial capital needed to invest and drive African infrastructure development, public health, economic revitalization and education reform forward to come from this network.

Fata Acquoi leads The Take Back Africa Summit Initiative

The World Bank Migration and Remittances Data showed that an estimated $ 389,460 flowed into African countries from their nationals living or working abroad in a five (5) year period between 2012 and 2017. Deciding to volunteer and take practical actions that meet the local needs of Africa is very important. This time, a group of young African Millennials who have studied and are living in diaspora are taking up the challenge.

The summit- Take Back Africa is planned for a later date in the year. During the summit, the young Africans will network and mobilize assets to accelerate the development of the continent on the global sphere


SERVICE MILESTONE: Media Organization Picks up PM(Project Management) Tool After PasSolutions Training

IMS, Lagos Nigeria– A Media organization implementing a European Union (EU) sponsored project on media coverage of Nigeria’s 2019 elections picked up the use of Gnatt Chart after PasSolutions Boost training on monitoring and evaluating projects.


The Gnatt Chart is used to plan and follow up timing and tasks for activities on a Project.

The Gnatt Chart : A type of calendar used to plan timing and tasks for activities on a Project.

Henry Gnatt designed the chart around years 1910 to 1915. After exploring the world of M&E, with Akin Olatidoye- the PasSolutions PM Guy; IMS selected the Gnatt Chart as a tool for monitoring the execution of her projects.

Happy Gnatt Chart Ride- IMS Nigeria!

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